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Remember, remember the 5 of November, the gunpowder, the treason, the plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason...shall ever be forgot.

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A display like this is not
as expensive as you may think!
Established in 1945, we are a family run business based in North Lincolnshire.
Our aim is to offer spectacular, and creative firework displays to every client, whether that be just to finish off the evening at your wedding, an anniversary, a corporate event, a large public display, or you're just having a good old fashioned party.
We ensure that every fireworks display is unique and designed to you, your venue and your occasion.
We are fully licensed and insured, the price quoted, is the price you pay with no hidden extras, everything is included in the price.
If you've not seen one of our displays, we do some free to enter public displays throughout the year for several clients, why not come to one of our displays and see for yourself. Please feel free to ask for details.
We have clients from private to council's to charities that would be more than happy to give you an independent opinion.
As a fireworks company with a difference, Starfield Fireworks offer bespoke firework displays for all budgets, professionally fired and orchestrated anywhere in the UK at prices to suit everyones budget.
We give all of our customers the same care, passion and friendly professional service whether you are spending 400 or 40,000.

Although we primarily specialise in organised displays, we do however stock a large selection of retail fireworks that you cannot find in other shops or supermarkets. Becouse we have a large range of fireworks, this allows us to offer a unique, customised DIY display pack service. This consists from small individual and medium fireworks, to convenient full displays in a box, ideal for New Year's Eve.
For larger DIY budgets, and to give you peace of mind. We offer a free site visit and risk assessment to discuss your requirements and individually tailor your display to you and your venue.
All we ask is to please give us as much warning as possible prior to your display, especially on the run-up to November the 5th.
We cater for any budget and we welcome telephone orders if you intend to put on your own display.
Delivery can be arranged within our area.
We also offer free advice with regards to safety and law to anybody.
Whether you're considering booking ourselves or wanting just to put on your own display,
regardless of where you purchased the fireworks.